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Colla voce” is Italian for “with the voice”.  It is often seen in the piano part where the singer might take some liberty – a cadenza inserted or a dramatic stretch to the phrase.

I’ve tried to put things on the website that are of interest to voice students, especially beginning and intermediate singers.  Others of you may also find useful information or links here. Glossary is a brief dictionary of vocal terminology that I add to from time to time.  FAQs about Voice Lessons is everything (well, maybe not everything) you ever wanted to know about studying voice, if you’ve never tried it.  Very important to any singer is their vocal health. A number of topics are covered in the Articles, such as stage fright, Alexander Technique, breathing and others. Explore things more deeply with Voice Related Links.  Take a look at Repertoire to find music books that I use in my teaching, and Vocal Exercises for some things to get you started every day. Listening is mostly a list of my favorite singers. And finally, take a look at the category Crochet if you’d like to see my favorite hobby!

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